We want our organic orchard to be home to everyone

We want everyone to enjoy the countryside, nature, the benefits of living outdoors by seeing how all those plants grow . We encourage people to come and get to know us, to come and pick up their vegetables and rediscover their lives in the countryside, increasingly lost value.

Things we do ...

If you visit us, you can check that all of our vegetable products are ecological certified by the Ecological Agriculture Committee of the Valencian Community.
You can find out about our facilities or even make organized, individual, group and school visits.
All we cultivate are seasonal products, therefore, do not hesitate to call us by phone and check our crops.

You can pick up your order in the orchard or you can receive it at your address through the delivery service to a maximum of 30 km around us.
In the case of being in further distances, we also offer MRW service, with a 5€ supplement, 24h delivery throughout the peninsula. (15€ in 48 hours in the Balearic Islands and 30€ in 72 hours in the Canary Islands and Portugal)