We cultivate in a sustainable and ecological way.

One of the reasons why this company emerges is due to our concern regarding the new styles of food based on the consumption of industrialized foods, worked on extensive agriculture using chemicals that go to the detriment of our health.

From Horteta de Greta we want to offer society the possibility of consuming free chemicals and toxic products that are harmful to health; with the taste and quality of native autochthonous varieties of our Community.

From Earth to your hands. Come on, and come with us to collect whatever you want.
From July to September you can come to collect in our orchard by appointment.
The market of Benissa is suspended until next spring.


For the production of traditional autochthonous varieties, we have made a loan to the Valencian Government's seed bank in order to obtain traditional seeds from our land.


Therefore, we are reproducing quality and genuine values because we want to recover all those qualities that have been lost due to the industrialization and the massification of extensive crops.